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Accommodation - About the Rooms

St Edmund's has considerable history and character, and has undergone several phases of development. Consequently the rooms are distributed in buildings of differing ages, and they are of varying sizes and levels of facilities.

Single rooms in St Edmund's are categorised from 1 - 5 with an addtional category, 5a. Category 1 has the lowest rent and category 5a the highest. In general, category 1 rooms are smaller and situated in the older buildings whilst those in category 5 are generally larger, have en suite facilities and are situated in the newer buildings.

From the beginning of the Michaelmas term 2017, the College will also be housing students at the new development at Swirles Court on the Northwest Cambridge site. All rooms here are category 5a.

We are unable to show any of our accommodation to prospective students before they come into residence.

Norfolk Building

  • Study bedrooms in categories 1 – 4 (36 category 1; 18 category 2; 17 category 3; 10 category 4)

White Cottage

  • Study bedrooms in categories 2-5 (1 category 2; 3 category 3; 4 category 4; 1 category 5)

Benet House

  • Study bedrooms in categories 1-4 (2 category 1; 4 category 3; 2 category 4)

Richard Laws Building

  • 49 Study bedrooms in category 4

Brian Heap Building

  • 66 Study bedrooms in category 5 (en suite)

Swirles Court, Northwest Cambridge Site

Geoffrey Cook Building

  • Two four-room flats (Kitchen, lounge, dining area, shower room and 3 bedrooms; available for couples or three students)
  • Three three-room flats (Kitchen, lounge, dining area, shower room and 2 bedrooms; available for couples) (Council Tax band D)

College grounds and precincts

  • Two small flats (bedsit/study, kitchen and bathroom); available for couples (Council Tax band A)
  • Six maisonettes (two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom; suitable for couples with up to two children of pre-school age) (Council Tax band B)

The maisonettes and flats are partially furnished and equipped with some essential items. Linen, towels, cooking utensils, crockery and cutlery are not provided. The maisonettes and the 3 smaller flats contain a bath but not a shower.

Rents for category 1-5a rooms are invoiced quarterly and are inclusive of utility bills and council tax.

Rents for other properties are invoiced monthly and are exclusive of utility bills and council tax.


St Edmund’s College  adheres to the ANUK/Unipol Code of Standards for Larger Residential Developments for student accommodation managed and controlled by educational establishments