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Alumni Society Constitution

1. Title and Membership

1.1 There shall be a St Edmund’s Alumni Society (the Society).

1.2 The Society shall comprise all members of the Alumni Community of St Edmund’s College, Cambridge. Membership of the Alumni Community consists of the Master, Fellows, Honorary Fellows, Life Fellows, Emeritus Fellows, Visiting Fellows, Bye-Fellows, Fellow Commoners, Visiting Scholars, senior members, past students, current students and any person who has held any of these categories of membership, together with any person elected a member of the College by the College Council.

1.3. The Society shall also comprise any person from among the staff or former staff of the College who shall be elected a member of the Society Committee.

1.4 Each student (and other category of member as decided by the College Council) on admission to the College shall pay a once-only life membership subscription to the Society, of an amount to be determined from time to time by the College Council. A student’s membership of the Society will be activated when he/she [goes out of residence] matriculates.

1.5 The Master of the College shall be the President of the Society.

1.6 The Annual General Meeting of the Society may from time to time elect Honorary Vice-Presidents for Life.

2. Aims of The Society

2.1 The aims of the Society will be to promote good fellowship among members of the Alumni Community and to encourage non-resident members to maintain links with the College and with each other.

2.2 The Society shall, in partnership with the College and the Development Office, pursue these aims by organising social, cultural, and sporting events, encouraging use of the life-long privileges of membership of the College; promoting communication among members; lending expertise and advice to resident members of the College, junior and senior; encouraging student application to the College; and representing the views of non-resident to resident members of the College.

2.3 The Society may pursue such other activities as promote the objects and purposes of St Edmund’s College.

3. The Annual General Meeting

3.1 An Annual General Meeting shall be held, normally on the same day as the annual University of Cambridge Alumni Festival, for which at least one month’s notice must be given. The meeting shall:

(a) fill any vacancy in the offices of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of the Society.

(b) be chaired by the Chairman of the Society, and shall (except for changes to this constitution) make decisions by a simple majority of those present and voting. In the event of a tie vote the Chairman shall have casting vote.

(c) elect up to four members of the Committee from among resident or non-resident members of the Alumni Community.

(d) consider any matter which the Committee or any member shall bring to the meeting.

4. The Committee

4.1 The Society Committee shall consist of:

a) up to four members of the Alumni Community as defined in paragraph 1.2 above.

b) the current President and Vice-President of the CR.

c) the Master and two current Fellows, nominated by the College Council.

d) the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of the Society.

e) up to six co-opted members.

4.2 Committee members under categories (a) and (e) may serve for a maximum of four years and are re-elected on an annual basis. Committee members under category (d) shall serve for three years; and may be re-elected, normally for one further term not exceeding three years. The Committee may co-opt members who have served the maximum permitted term in categories (a) or (d).

4.3 The Committee shall:

• meet at the College at least twice each year.

• maintain up-to-date job descriptions for Alumni Society Committee members to enable volunteers to be as effective as possible.

• not conduct business unless at least four members are present.

• conduct business in pursuit of the aims of the Society and which is aligned with the goals of the Development Office to be effective in supporting the College’s objectives.

• make decisions by a simple majority of those present and voting. In the event of a tie vote the Chairman shall have the casting vote.

5. Assets of the Alumni Society

5.1 The Society shall open a bank account with a bank determined by the Committee of the Society. Cheques may be drawn on the bank account in furtherance of the aims of the Society, by any two of the following: the Chairman of the Society, the Treasurer of the Society, the Bursar of the College.

5.2 The assets of the Society shall be controlled and managed by the Alumni Society Committee and expended in furtherance of the aims of the Alumni Society.

5.3 The Society accounts shall be audited annually as part of the St Edmund’s College annual audit.

5.4 In the event that the Society is wound up, the assets shall be transferred to St Edmund’s College.

6. Amendment of The Constitution

6.1 This constitution may be amended by a resolution at an Annual General meeting, put by at least six members of the Society and notified to the membership at least one month before the Meeting, which secures the agreement of at least two-thirds of those present and voting.

6.2 No amendments to the Constitution shall come into force until approved by the College Council.

6.3 This Constitution shall have effect from the 1st July 2003, updated 19 June 2014 and September 2017.