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Chapel Fund

2016 marks the College Chapel’s centenary and in celebration of this, the College is undertaking a significant building project. Though the Chapel is, both architecturally and geographically, a highly visible feature of the College, the entrance area, which is its most conspicuous aspect, leaves much to be desired, aesthetically and practically.

It lacks, for instance, any disabled access: disabled persons have to approach through the College’s main corridor, navigating through numerous, heavy fire doors. Having been built on a tight budget in the 1950s, the portico is utilitarian in nature, with steps made of concrete and a basic metal handrail.

Work will commence at the start of July 2015 to reconfigure the entrance area with elegant, illuminated steps, a gentle easy-access slope and an inviting seating area in a landscaped space, integrating the Chapel with the surrounding environment. We have also commissioned a bronze statue of St Edmund of Abingdon, the College’s patron saint, sitting on one of the curved, stone benches, identical with that at St Edmund’s Hall, Oxford and at our original founding parent institution, St Edmund’s College, Ware.


How can you help?

The cost of this project will total £107,000 for the steps, disabled access, landscaping and statue. The Chapel community are raising monies on a regular basis, and so far we have raised over £23,000, but we badly need more help if we are to complete the work in time for the opening of the centenary celebrations.
If you can help us in any way, with small or large donations, we would be immensely grateful and, especially if you were married in the College Chapel or your children were baptised here, there could be no more fitting way of preserving it for future generations of the College.

If you would like to make a donation, cheques should be made out to St Edmund’s College, but please specify that it is for the Chapel Fund. Alternatively, direct online payments, again specified ‘Chapel Fund’, can be made here.