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Dining Hall

St Edmund's Catering is currently closed for refurbishment, due to re-open Monday 6th September 2021

The main dining hall is a focal point for the College. Members are encouraged to take meals in College as often as possible, to aid in the fostering of the community spirit that is so much a part of College life.

Formal dinners, of which there are several each term, are subject to dress codes, timing and guest restrictions, details of which are made known to members well in advance.

Kitchen Minimum Billing

Members will understand that in order to keep the kitchen running a certain revenue is necessary. A minimum charge for meals is therefore levied termly and added to a member's College Bill. This is credited to your University card and can be used to pay for meals and formal dinners and on other formal occasions. When a student leaves, unspent balances are not refunded. The charges for the current academic year are detailed here.

Times and dates of meals

Due to COVID-19, these arrangements are subject to change. 

In the St Edmund’s Dining Hall:

  • Lunch                                                     12.30 – 13.30   (Monday - Friday)
  • Dinner                                                    18.30 - 19.45    (Monday - Friday)
  • Click + Collect (via app)                         12:00 – 20:00    (Monday – Friday)
  • Delivery to bedroom door (via app)        12:00 – 20:00    (Monday – Friday)
  • Brunch                                                         11:00 - 12:30   (Saturday)
  • Click + Collect (via app)                             12.30 - 14:00   (Saturday)
  • Delivery to bedroom door (via app)        12.30 - 14:00   (Saturday)

Limited indoor seating (50 spaces) is available. Take away meals are also available during the service times. 

A hot meat and vegetarian/vegan option will be available during lunch & dinner.  

Click + Collect and Delivery to your bedroom offers our brand- new range of chilled ready meals, which you can heat in your own household.  All freshly made onsite, with ingredients from as many local suppliers as possible.  The menu is updated reguarly. A small delivery charge will apply to account for staff time.

Notification of periods of closure and reduced kitchen service during vacations will be circulated by email. 

Keeping you safe

The following measures have been put in place to keep all users safe when using the Dining Hall.
You will be required to wear a face covering on entering the Dining Hall.
You will be required to wash or sanitise your hands before entering the Dining Hall. 
Entry and exit to the Dining Hall will be through the Norfolk Building.

Dietary Requirements

The College will seek to respond to the needs of members with special dietary requirements. Vegetarian options are routinely available, while other special dietary requirements should be discussed in the first instance with the Catering Manager, who will try to prepare appropriate meals if this can reasonably be arranged (though the College cannot guarantee to fulfil all individual requests). The College should be informed if a member has a serious food allergy; this should be discussed immediately on arrival with the member's Tutor and with the Catering Manager, who will be able to advise on the ingredients and labelling of College meals.