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Here are some common questions asked by applicants to St Edmund's College.

I'm an International Student but I am proficient in English Language.  Do I need IELTS to prove this?

Please see the English language requirement guidelines on the University website.  You do not have to hold an IELTS certificate at the time of applying.  All overseas applicants' language proficiency is assessed at interview by the interview panel.  If they consider the student to have sufficient language ability that they do not need to complete the IELTS qualification, then that will not be set as a condition.  If the interview panel believe that the applicant would benefit from an IELTS qualification in preparation for study at Cambridge, the normal condition of a minimum overall grade of 7.5, usually with 7.0 or above in each element will be set.

I didn't do very well at school when I first sat my GCSEs/A Levels, but my current grades are much better.

- Do I need to submit my previous grades?

Yes - please submit all grades and transcripts that you have.  It is important for the admissions team to get a holistic view of you as an applicant.

- Will my previous performance affect my chances?

If you have enough evidence from your current/most recent course that you would be able to cope with the academic rigour and pressure of a Cambridge course, the admissions team would be happy to see your application.

I am doing an Access to HE Diploma.  Does Cambridge accept these?

The University of Cambridge and St Edmund's College are happy to receive applications from those who are undertaking an Access to Higher Education Diploma.  However, we do not consider Access to HE alone to be sufficient preparation for the Science subjects (with the exception of Psychological and Behavioural Sciences).  Please see the University website for more information.

I have just started an Access to HE course, but don't have much evidence of my study to submit for the October deadline.  What should I do?

The second interview round (deadline: 1st March) should allow you to compile enough evidence, including marked written work where relevant, of your recent academic achievement.  Please be reminded that the following subjects do not accept applications in the second round:

  • Architecture
  • History of Art
  • Law (this will be offered in the March round of admissions by Lucy Cavendish College and Hughes Hall only).
  • Medicine
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Veterinary Medicine

I have extenuating circumstances.  What is the procedure for letting the admissions team know about these?

Please see the University guidelines to complete an extenuating circumstances form.  Please be assured that these forms are kept securely and only the relevant parties will read them.