Freshers at St Edmund’s

What is a 'Fresher'?

The term 'fresher' is derived from 'freshman', and it is what we call the new members of St Edmund's, particularly in their first term. 

The Cambridge University Student Union (CUSU) organise University-wide events that will take place in your first few weeks of Michaelmas Term. Our student committee, known as the CR (Combination Room), also organise smaller, College events which will give you the opportunity to meet other students - both undergraduate and postgraduate. You should be contacted by the CR in the runup to starting at St Edmund's with a little more information about what to expect in your first few days.


What is a Cambridge College?

While your learning or research may happen away from the College in your department or research centre, the College will provide you with a host of social events and societies, and a cohesive community with which to enjoy them.  The College is also the body that is officially responsible for your welfare during your time at Cambridge, providing you with the space, resources and support necessary for you to thrive both academically and personally.

What makes St Edmund’s Special?

  • Congratulations on becoming a member of one of the most diverse and hands-on Colleges in the University of Cambridge.  In your time here you may wish to focus on ground-breaking research, furthering your sporting achievements, or organising the end of year College ball – indeed you may want to do all of these things together! We hope that the College provides as many opportunities as possible for you.
  • We are one of only four mature Colleges, accepting students from age 21 upwards.  This means that we can put the needs of mature students first, while for many other Colleges mature students are in the minority. 
  • St Edmund’s imposes no separation between students and fellows, either in the dining hall or when socialising.  There are also no lawns which are ‘out of bounds’ – all of the grounds are available for every student to enjoy.
  • The College has a six-storey tower which looks out across the city of Cambridge.
  • The College’s diversity is renowned throughout the University.  Our current student body is comprised of almost 80 different nationalities.  The wordcloud below shows the reported citizenship of our current students (2016-17).  The size of the words reflects the number of students who report that citizenship:



  • The student body ranges in age from the early 20s to the mid 60s:

  • Our ‘Combination Room’ communities are not divided into a JCR and MCR; the two groups have merged to form a single Combination Room.  Not only is the Combination Room a physical room in College in which students can meet, relax and have a chat, it is also an association which represents the student body.  The primary purpose of the CR is to promote the social welfare of its members by providing amenities and facilities for them, and to maintain and improve the physical, academic and social environment of St Edmund’s College.  More information about the CR can be found here.