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Funding Buildings

Master's Development Fund

A statement of confidence in our international College’s future.

The Master’s Development Fund has been a real success story. The shared spaces in College, such as the CR and dining hall, are very much the same now, with over 500 students, as they were over fifty years ago when fewer than 100 used them. With the development of Mount Pleasant House as new accommodation, we urgently need to expand our communal facilities. The Master’s Development Fund has been put to good use by creating a plan for a modern ‘Eddies’ experience: the same informal and friendly college setting that past generations have enjoyed, for the students of today. Planning permission has been granted.

You can watch the Master talk about our plans on YouTube.

On the College’s existing site, we are planning to create East Court. On the north side of the Norfolk Building, a four-storeyed extension will provide new catering facilities, space for the Von Hügel Institute, purpose-built College offices and accommodation for students. On the west side of the new court, a large single-storey multi-purpose common room will provide space for seminars, lectures and student Bops.

The Norfolk building will be completely refurbished, offering low cost studentaccommodation and an enlarged CR and SCR. The current student bar will be retained. The result will be a traditional college court and cloister with modern facilities, providing our large number of students with a central hub within Eddies. The maisonettes will be demolished and new family housing will be built, overlooking the football pitch.

The College community consists of people from all over the world. We are in a good position, but now, more than ever, we have to rely on our friends and networks to support our future development.