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Funding Students

Student Support Fund

The College’s life is centered around our graduates and undergraduates. We want to give every student the very best experience of Cambridge. Although higher fees and a reduction in public funding are circumstances beyond our control, St Edmund’s College wants to continue to attract the very best students from around the world, regardless of their ability to pay, by providing funds to pay for fees and living costs. Donations to the Annual Student Support Fund are directly used to support our students.

Have a look at some of our existing student funding options in the form of Bursaries and Scholarships. The Luzio Scholarship is currently our most prestigious award, funded by multiple donors, providing significant funds towards a PhD in the humanities.

Toby, the first Luzio Scholar writes, “Funding for the arts and humanities disciplines has been cut viciously in recent years and obtaining funding is a daunting prospect for those attempting to progress from undergraduate study to research. As anyone who has studied at St Edmund’s will understand, after completing my MPhil here last year I did not want to leave. Without the Luzio Scholarship this would have been forced upon me. The scholarship took away the worry of paying for fees and accommodation, which are realities for research students and are especially prohibitive to those wishing to undertake doctorates.”

Wherever you are now, your time at St Edmund’s means your Cambridge home is with us. With a stable position we can be optimistic, but now, more than ever, we need the support of Eddies people across the world so safeguard and improve the lives of students in the future.

Example: Rise in Tuition Fees
Tuition fees for Undergraduates are going to continue rising every year until at least 2020