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University Challenge Quiz Night 2017

On Saturday, 21 January, St Edmund's held its annual University Challenge Quiz hosted by our (Quiz) Master, Matthew Bullock and scored by Associate Member, Philip Woodall. Three teams, Fellows, Alumni and Students, battled the fiercest of questions in their quest for cerebral dominance and for the Crown of  'Eddies Eggheads 2017' whilst enjoying wine and nibbles courtesy of the Alumni Society.

It was a most enjoyable evening with a great deal of good humoured conferring amongst the participants and the audience, the size of which exceeded last years (which was in itself a bumper year).

Congratulations to the Fellows' Team who beat the Alumni by just 20 points to take victory!


The final scores were: fellows (260), alumni (240), and students (160)

Correct starter questions: fellows (16), alumni (15), students (8)

Correct bonus questions : fellows (22/48), alumni (20/45), students (18/24)

Before the last question, the fellows and alumni were on 245 and 240 respectively. So if the alumni would have answered the last question correctly (with or without the bonus questions),they would have won with a score of 250. Once again, the game went down to the wire!

After the first round the students had just 40 points, but did very well in the second round to increase their score by 120 points to make a total of 160.

The audience, who attempted to answer the “spare” bonus questions (when no team answered the starter question correctly), answered 17/24 correctly.