Getting connected

Internet access at St Edmund's can be obtained either via a cabled network socket in your College room or Wirelessly across the entire College site.

Wireless Connections

Wireless access is avaliable across the entire College site. The College hosts two wireless networks although we encourage everyone to set up the Eduroam wireless connection as a first priority when they arrive. Its a one off process and the Eduroam wireless network is availble in many Departs, Colleges and even certain areas of the city centre.


St Edmund's College supports "eduroam (education roaming) which is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community" across the entire College site. This is the prefered option for wireless access during your time in Cambridge as once its configured correctly, it will automatically connect with no further user interaction and is avaliable in the majority of Colleges and Departments across the University. 

Detailed instructions on how to configure eduroam is available from the UCS:
eduroam for Cambridge users (Direct link to UCS Tokens Service) or you can try the quick setup instructions below (may not be suitable for all devices):

  1. Collect your Network Access Token from the UCS Token Service (Raven password required)
  2. Download a suitable configuration tool or profile according to your operating system:
  3. In the tool or instructions above use as your login/user name and the token (collected in step 1) as your password.

Visitors from other institutions with eduroam credentials should use those credentials issued by their home institution.

The service is available as the wireless network (SSID) broadcasting as eduroam

St Edmund's Wireless:

Simply connect to the St Edmund's Wireless network from your device and enter your College login details. You should have received these in a letter from the IT Office when you arrived.

Wired Connections

To obtain a wired network connection simply plug your network cable in to the network socket in your room and then fill in the application form that appears when you open a web browser. Network cables can be purchased from Reception for £3.