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Dr Charis Charalampous

The Toby Jackman Newton Trust Research Fellow

Charis’s research interests lie in a period spanning the fourteenth and nineteenth centuries, particularly in relation to questions about the body and its relation to the mind, emotions, the soul and cognition in literature, philosophy and science. His first book, 'Rethinking the Mind-Body Relationship in Early Modern Literature, Philosophy and Medicine: The Renaissance of the Body,' has been published by Routledge. He is currently working on two new books. The first is provisionally entitled 'Intelligent Bodies and Poetry’s Medicinal Powers in the Ages of Reason and Feeling, 1700-1830,' and focuses on the relationship between long-eighteenth-century theories of the intelligent body and poetry’s medicinal virtues. The second is tentatively entitled 'Cosmogenesis: The Atom and the Elementary Particle through the Lens of Prime Matter’s History,' and focuses primarily on theories about the atom and the elementary particles as well as on theories about matter’s infinite divisibility from Leucippus to 21st century physics.