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Dr Nicky Morrison

Lecturer, Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge. Senior Associate of the Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research

Research Interests

Nicky’s research focuses on comparative housing and urban planning, at the city and neighbourhood level.    Internationally, she has collaborated with a number of European academics on comparative housing and neighbourhood renewal projects, funded by the European Commission, as well as the Nordic-Baltic, German and UK governments. She has also advised the Shenzhen municipal government on their affordable housing policies and has worked on an Amnesty International project on housing rights in Accra, Ghana.   More locally, she is on the steering committees of the `Cambridge sub-region 2030’ and the `Wisbech 2020’ visioning projects.


coordinator of module `Housing and regeneration' in the Planning Growth and Regeneration (PGR) MPhil

coordinator of undergraduate courses `Built environment' and `Land and urban economics'

Other Professional Activities

Professional Membership

  • Member of European Network of Housing Research (ENHR)
  • Board member of Hundred Housing Society, Cambridge (1997-)
  • FORMER director of Cambridge City Centre Partnership Ltd (2009-2013)