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Dr Philip Christie

Scientific Advisor at Schlumberger Gould Research in Cambridge

Phil Christie began his career with Schlumberger Wireline, serving in Africa from 1972-5. Following a Ph.D. and a Post-Doc. in Explosion Seismology at Cambridge, Phil found he could still remember most of Schlumberger's Three Letter Acronyms and so he returned to the company in 1981 to cover borehole seismics in Europe.   During his career Phil has established and led seismic departments at Schlumberger's research and development centres in Connecticut, Paris and Cambridge. From 1996-7, he was seconded to BP’s Atlantic Margin group, where he jointly coordinated the Foinaven reservoir monitoring experiment, pioneering time-lapse snapshots from towed marine and seabed seismic. Phil moved on to lead a Reservoir Geophysics group in Gatwick for Schlumberger, where he also founded the company's Geophysics Technical Community.   By 2000, Schlumberger had largely moved to Four Letter Acronyms and so Phil returned to Schlumberger Cambridge Research as a Scientific Advisor, with interests in reservoir geophysics, time-lapse seismic and sub-basalt imaging, in which he is a Principal Investigator for joint research with Cambridge and Liverpool Universities and Badley Geoscience. Phil is past-President of EAGE, has sat on many academic and governmental earth science committees and is currently Chief-Editor of Petroleum Geoscience.