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Professor Richard Horne

Individual Merit Scientist at the British Antarctic Survey and Honary Professor at the University of Sheffield

Richard B. Horne is an individual merit scientist (IM band 2) at the British Antarctic Survey and Honary Professor at the University of Sheffield.   He has a B.Sc. in Physics, a Doctorate in Space Plasma Physics, and over 35 years research experience. Between 2000-2010 he led two large research programmes at the British Antarctic Survey and currently leads a European Framework 7 programme called SPACESTORM to help protect satellites from Space Weather. He also leads research projects to study how energetic charged particles affect the Earth’s atmosphere and influence climate, and particle acceleration processes at the Earth, Jupiter and Saturn.

Richard has a special interest in particle acceleration, planetary radiation belts and Space Weather.  In 2005 he won achievement awards from NASA and ESA for his research showing that electron acceleration by very low frequency waves is a major process for forming the Earth’s Van Allen radiation belts.  These ideas are being tested by the new NASA RBSP satellite mission launched in 2012.  Richard has also worked on wave heating of plasmas and wave propagation at the Earth and planets.