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Giving Shares

Making a donation via shares is one of the most tax-efficient ways you can give. In the UK you can claim Income Tax relief on the value of the shares and an exemption from Capital Gains Tax. Guidance for UK taxpayers and US taxpayers is available online. We suggest you contact us or your accountant if you want further advice.

An example of the advantages of giving shares in the UK:

  Value of shares Amount of income tax relief you can claim Cost to you Value to St Edmund's
Basic rate taxpayer (20%) £1,000 £200 £800 £1,000
Higher rate taxpayer (40%) £1,000 £400 £600 £1,000
Additional rate taxpayer (45%) £1,000 £450 £550 £1,000
How to donate shares

If you intend to give shares you estimate are worth less than £5,000 the College would prefer you to sell the shares and donate the proceeds to St Edmund’s. To make sure that you receive the income tax relief, the College recommends that you follow advice given by HMRC.

If you intend to give shares that you estimate are worth more than £5,000 please contact us.

Crest Transfer or Stock Transfer forms can be emailed to you.

Guidance notes for completing the Stock Transfer form can be found here. Please also note that the Stock Transfer form must be printed double sided or the form will be rejected by the UTM (Unit Trust Managers).