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There is a colour TV and DVD in the Combination Room.

The CR DVD Officer will generally rent DVD’s to be shown on Saturday and Sunday evenings during full term, and suggestions for future selections are very welcome. The TV and DVD may be booked by members in accordance with the rules posted within the CR.

So far as selection of channels is concerned, any general directive has proved impracticable. The choice of channels is best left to the good sense of members of the College.

It is a student’s responsibility to obtain a TV licence for any device brought into College to watch broadcast television programmes. From 1st September 2016 a licence is also required for the use of BBC iPlayer for live and playback services. TV licensing authorities make checks on a regular basis and students are personally liable for any fines imposed. The CR TV licence does not cover individual students. For guidance on TV licences see

The TV in the Combination Room should be switched off when the Room is in use before and after formal dinners and during receptions before lunch or tea on the Saturdays when Congregations are held.