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Welcome from the Senior Tutor

Dear students,

I am writing to welcome you very warmly not only to St Edmund’s College, but to the University of Cambridge. We have a diverse and International community here, of which, next year, you will be a part.  From October, you will have the opportunity to engage in this community, to share your experiences and strengths with others and to learn from them in return.  I hope you will make many new friends and contacts during your stay in Cambridge, some of which may last the rest of your life.

Each year we produce a booklet entitled “Notes for Members” (commonly known as the “Blue book”). The new edition of this booklet, containing detailed information about membership of the College and other relevant information, will be waiting for you in your college pigeon-hole near the Combination room on your arrival. I advise you to read this booklet carefully as much of what it contains will be relevant to you during your time at St Edmund’s.

Also waiting for you will be a warm welcome from myself, the tutorial team and other members of the College, all of whom you will have the opportunity to meet during Freshers’ week at various meetings and events.

I wish you a happy and enriching time at St Edmund’s College.

Dr Judith Bunbury

Senior Tutor