Who’s Who?

Plenty of people will be waiting to greet you at the College, and will be there to support you throughout your studies.  Below are a small selection of people who will be important in your first weeks and throughout your time at the College.  Please see the St Edmund’s ‘People’ Page for further information.

The Hon. Matthew Bullock, Master

The Master, Mr Matthew Bullock, is the Chairman of the Governing Body and the Council.  He will be present for the matriculation photograph, and the welcome meetings.

Dr Judith Bunbury, Senior Tutor

The Senior Tutor, Dr Judith Bunbury, is responsible for all Tutorial matters.  She also has overall responsibility for matters relating to the education, discipline and welfare of the Junior Members of the College.  She will also be present for many of the College activities in Freshers’ week.

Fr Alban McCoy, Dean

The Dean, Fr Alban McCoy is responsible for the College Chapel and works closely with the Tutors on matters of student welfare. He is Chair of the Dean's Committee and is always happy to meet any members of the College to discuss personal or pastoral matters. He will be present for the welcome meeting.

Mr Janusz (John) Dudzic, Mr Varghese Plapara (Mr V), Facilities Manager and Receptionists

The Facilities Manager and receptionists will do everything they can to help you settle into College.  They have a plethora of roles which ensure that College life runs smoothly.  To begin with, they can help you with finding your accommodation and giving you your keys.  Throughout term they will help you with putting money on your University card when you need to top it up to buy food, and they will also receive post and put it in your pigeon hole.

Tutorial Office

The Tutorial Office is the first point of contact for the Senior Tutor, Praelector and Tutors.  It consists of the below people:

Anna Alasalmi and Naomi Bolser - Senior Tutorial Administrators

Anna and Naomi assist Dr Bunbury in helping students with any matters relating to their education, discipline and welfare. 

Tobias Langley - Rooms Administrator, Tutorial Secretary and Praelector’s Secretary

Tobias supports the Senior Tutorial Administrators with tutorial matters.  In his role as Rooms Administrator, Tobias is responsible for allocating accommodation prior to the start of each academic year. As Tutorial Secretary and Praelector’s Secretary, Tobias is responsible for the administration of matriculation ceremonies and graduation ceremonies including general admission.