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The College offers workshops, e.g. for instruments, composition and voice training, orginised by our students. The workshops allow professional musicians to teach and inspire members of the College to improve their musical skills and explore new musical territory.

Suggestions for teachers and topics are always welcome. Please get in touch with the President of the St Edmund's Music Society with suggestions.

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Past events

Conducting Workshop - Saturday, 5 March 2016

The workshop offered students the opportunity to build a repertoire of gestures and knowledge. It is benefical for instrument players to know more about systematical rehearsing, and also for non-musicians to appreciate muisc. However, you can simply use one of the ideas like make a group play/ sing forte or piano just with one gesture and without words. (Some conductors only use their eyes...)

Lecture: Constanze Rommel

We were pleased to welcome Constanze Rommel, an active musician in Germany and UK, specialised in choral, piano concert and orchestra conducting. Constanze has taken part in various tours including China, Italy and Germany. Constanze also took part in the Cambridge Early Summer Music School.

Some of the students who attended the workshop:


Guitar workshop