Arriving at St Edmund's

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic the following arrangements are subject to change, however, this information will present the College's provisional plans and be updated as and when circumstances render it necessary.

The current University protocol for students returning to or arriving in Cambridge can be found here; advice for students about exceptional circumstances can be found here; information about the 'household system' can be found hereand information about quarantine in College accommodation can be found here

Whilst full term does not begin until Tuesday 6th October 2020, new students are welcome to arrive at College from Wednesday 30th September 2020 - please contact the Rooms' Officer if you intend to arrive before 1st October.  Also, if you have a pre-sessional course that commences before this date, please get into contact with the Rooms' Officer to discuss the possibility of moving in earlier. Many of the pre-sessional course are now being run remotely, so please check carefully to make sure when you are required to arrive in Cambridge.

University advice and guidelines regarding your arrival and registration at the University of Cambridge can be found here. The Covid-19 pandemic has meant changes have been made to the structure of certain courses in order to deliver the optimum education under the circumstances. Any changes are detailed on the relevant Faculty or Departmental webpage, which can be found here.

For specific College and University events that will be happening throughout Freshers’ week (some optional, some compulsory), please see below.

Before 30th September:

  • Read the CamGuide, intended for both Undergraduate and Masters’ students and also useful for new PhD students.
  • Complete your student registration online, including getting access to Cambridge University email, see here for details of how to do this and here for details of how to access the IT systems at St Edmund’s.

From 30th September:

  • When you arrive at St Edmund’s, go to the College Reception. From here you will be advised as to the location of your accommodation, and instructed as to where to collect your University Card, which will allow you access to your room and use of the dining facilities.
  • Register with a Doctors’ Surgery: every student should register themselves with a Cambridge GP. The nearest medical practice to College is located at 1 Huntingdon Road, tel: 01223 364127. 
  • Go to the Student Helpdesk in the Combination Room.
  •  Open a bank account.
  • Explore the City, find your Department and plan your route to lectures.

If you are an International student studying on a Tier 4 visa you will need to pick up your Biometric Residence Permit. If you have requested that your BRP is delivered to the University, it can be collected at College; if you have not requested to have your BRP delivered to the University you will need to collect it from the appropriate Post Office and then you will need to upload a digital image of the front and back of your BRP via the CASC app. All Tier 4 visa holders are also required to upload a digital image of their passport and entry vignette with stamp or, if entry to the UK was via an eGate at the airport, evidence of their entry into the UK, e.g. digital image of a boarding pass, via the CASC app. Details of how to do this will be circulated in early September. 

Please note that nationals from some countries must also register with the local police after they have collected their BRP. Information on who is required to do this and how to book an appointment is outlined on the University Police Registration webpage.

College Organised Events during your first two weeks

Wednesday 30th September onwards

New students may arrive in College from this date.  Anyone holding a room offer who is due to attend a pre-sessional course, sports training or another valid reason must contact to ensure that they can arrive earlier than this.

Matriculation - this will be done electronically; details will be circulated closer to the beginning of term.

Friday 2nd October

1.00pm On the grass area next to the Millennium Garden at College: Matriculation Photo* – this is an optional photograph, but many freshers (part time, full time, undergraduate and graduate) choose to attend – this is an official ‘class photo’ of all students starting at Eddies in 2020. The arrangements are yet to be confirmed but it seems likely that new students will be photographed individually and then a group photo will be created subsequently by the Photographer.   Click here for an example of the matriculation photograph taken last year.  Students are asked to wear gowns – you may wish to buy one.  There is a guide here and here about gowns (relevant to both undergraduates and graduates) – current members of the college and anyone working in a gown shop will also be able to help you choose the correct one.

*If it is not possible to have the Matriculation photo on this date it will be reorganised to be taken at a time when social distancing rules permit.

The following events are essential to attend, however, it may be necessary to run them remotely, i.e. online, because of the Covid-19 pandemic:

From 5pm (Subject to change): Online welcome webinar for ALL students; exact timing and details TBC.

In-person meeting: you will be invited to attend an half-hour socially-distanced meeting in the Garden Room with the Master and Praelector at which you will sign the College Book. The details are yet to be confimed.

Monday 5th October

Graduate Safety Course for all science graduate students – details to be arranged: See this link for a timetable of events.

Wednesday 7th October

Graduate Safety Course for all science graduate students – details to be arranged: See this link for a timetable of events.

Thursday 8th October

Lectures begin.