Guidance for St Edmund’s College Supervisors

Supervisors play a crucial role in the academic development of students. They provide personalised, one-to-one or small group teaching sessions, known as supervisions, where they offer tailored guidance, feedback and support. These sessions are designed to deepen students’ understanding of their subject, encourage critical thinking, and enhance their problem-solving skills. Supervisors are often experts in their field and contribute significantly to the rigorous academic environment at Cambridge, helping students to achieve their full potential and excel in their studies.

In 2023/24 academic year, we recruited 415 supervisors across all research schools and from 82 departments.


Relevant information and resources for those supervising students


Submitting supervision reports

Please submit your reports each term at least a week before the end of full-term.  Term dates [Term dates | University of Cambridge] can be found on the main University of Cambridge webpages.  The timing allows Directors of Studies and Tutors to discuss reports in end-of-term meetings with students.

Supervision reports should contain the following:

  • An account of what has gone well and areas for improvement.
  • Brief commentary on work rate and participation.
  • Advice for the DoS and Tutor to pass on to the student.
  • Comments looking forward to revision and preparing for examinations (if applicable).

Directors of Studies need to approve supervision reports within a week of the end of full-term.  This will enable payments to reach supervisors in the last week of December, March and June.


Details of all relevant College policies and procedures e.g. safeguarding or free speech can be found online. [link to all our policies does not currently exist]

These policy documents supplement the general safeguarding guidance given to all supervisors.  A link to the general Supervisor Expectations document can be found online.

Serious academic or wellbeing concerns

If you have any serious academic or wellbeing concerns relating to a student, please contact the Tutorial Office for further guidance.

Contact the Tutorial Office:

Updated: May 2024