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Bumps Diary 2016

26 Feb 2016
Thursday 25, February 2016 - The Results
by Lily Harter, Senior Captain

The weather again smiling favourably on The Cam for Day 3 of The Lents. All 3 of our crews in action, but it is the guys grabbing the headlines again! Quick and decisive bumps up for both M2 and M1, excellent performances, well done guys – new boat ‘Lily’ obviously just loves to hit boats! Also it was great to see W1 back on the water but lady luck has yet to smile favourably on our gallant girls. There is definitely more to come from them as the week unfolds …

First up again was M2 – Bumping Tit Hall M3 with consummate ease just before The Ditch! A well-earned rest day tomorrow (Fri), and a final day clash with Maggie M4 on Saturday. BUMP!
Next to W1 – A much better start and quickly making ground on our nemesis Corpus, but a confusion of bumped boats at First Post Corner caused havoc for the crews trying to race through and the proceedings had to be stopped. Do see the photos for some great river carnage! With the bottom four clubs of the division all ‘rowing-over’, these next two days will come down to who has the fitness, who has done the ergs, who has the guts … TECHNICAL ROW OVER!
Finally to M1 – Took down Christ’s M2 rather quickly to strike fear in the hearts of the rest of Division M2! Safely out of the sandwich zone, but Pembroke M2 look to be more of a challenge. BUMP!
Marconi Cup score: 12 , now creeping up the table to joint 4th position
Race Reports from the Crews.......
W1 – Sonja Kinna

"Thursday, second racing day for W1. Eddies women were bursting with excitement and determination to get a revenge on Corpus Christi! And they knew we’d give them a hard task – maybe that’s why they didn’t even try to follow our practice starts and decided to fall into a lazy paddle around the corners. Downstream we had the sandwich boat Clare II coming at us, who had had an even lazier rowover in Division 3 the day before, with everyone else bumping out. But we knew they weren’t a real threat. And true, after a really strong (and perfectly punctual!) start, we had already pulled away half a length from. Which didn’t stop their coach from giving them a whistle. Maybe he was gasping in horror of staying sandwich boat for another day. The Eddies ladies fell into a strong, technically clean rhythm and started to work their way up to Corpus. But suddenly the marshals shouted to hold it up! Some boats ahead had caused a massive mess while bumping, with at least two crews stuck across the river. The rest of the division was given a technical rowover, and we had to go home without further racing. Well, seems like there will be another chapter in the Eddies vs. Corpus story tomorrow…"

FRIDAY 26th FEBRUARY - Plan of Action:
M2 – Division M4, bed by 9.30pm!
          Rest day! Take it easy guys … and dream … Prediction: Aviv finishes his dissertation!
W1 – Division W2, gun at 2.40pm
          Hunting Corpus W1, chased by Clare W2 – Prediction: Bump for Eddies, go girls!
M1 – Division M2, gun at 3.20pm.
          Hunting Pembroke M2, chased by Christ’s M2 - Prediction: Bump for Eddies … by the A14!
A more chilly and overcast day is forecasted for Friday, but with a very gentle breeze and no gusts the conditions are still excellent for racing. Both crews have realistic chances of Bumps, and the excitement is mounting as we are approaching the final days of racing. Do come and join us on the towpath for a slice of the action!
Go Eddies! Row long, row hard!

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