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Bumps Diary 2016

29 Feb 2016
Friday 26, February 2016 - The Results
by Lily Harter, Senior Captain
A great last day’s racing in store. I shall be on the towpath all afternoon, but Andy and the boys will be at The Plough early if anyone would like to join them! 
Results Roundup
A rather chilly one on the river for Day 4! Mixed fortunes again for our crews and one can’t help wondering just what the girls have to do to get a bump. They have come so tantalisingly close, and still find the integrity to keep battling. Great spirit girls! M1 just knew they had a job a do … and did it!
M2 – Enjoying their rest day!
Next to W1 – All credit to the cox and crew who were completely unfazed by an error with the bung! A good solid start and quickly into their rhythm we looked to be making good ground on Corpus. Unfortunately Newnham W2 (just ahead of Corpus) were comparatively slower, allowing Corpus to bump first before our girls could catch them. Undaunted they headed off around Grassy to chase the 6-7 lengths for the overbump of Maggie W2. A most gutsy performance with some very strong pushes eroded Maggie’s lead along The Reach, but unfortunately the finish line came just too soon. ROWED OVER!
Finally to M1 – As predicted Pembroke M2 posed little problem for the might of M1 and a bump was looming by the A14 – and finally executed just past The Ditch. A beautifully set boat, great rhythm and a lot of power. The guys looked awesome! BUMP!
Marconi Cup score: 20 , slipped a little in the table to joint 5th positionJ
Saturday’s action:
Please note that the start time for the day is a little earlier 
M2 – Division M4, gun 12.40pm
                Hunting Maggie M4, chased by Tit Hall M3 -  Prediction: Bump! Blades! Glory!
W1 – Division W2, gun at 2.40pm
                Hunting Newnham W2, chased by Clare W2 again, or Wolfson W1 – Prediction: Bump for Eddies!
M1 – Division M2, gun at 3.20pm.
                Hunting Clare M2, chased by Pembroke M2 - Prediction: Bump! Blades! Glory!
 Another rather chilly and overcast day is forecast for Saturday, but nobody will be bothered by the weather! W1 will be looking to put the week’s disappointments behind them and finish in style with a bump! However, in an historic Final Day both M1 and M2 have excellent chances of Blades, and potentially double-Blades for Eddies and for ‘Lily’! This is a great testament to the hard work, dedication and talent of the crews – you can’t miss this.