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Bumps Diary 2017

27 Feb 2017

The 2017 Lent Bumps will take place from Tuesday 28th February to Saturday 4th March.

Side-by-side racing is not possible over a long distance on the narrow and winding River Cam, so the bumping races were introduced in the early 19th century as an exciting alternative.

At the start of the bumping races crews line up, in their finishing order of the previous year, along the river with one and a half boat lengths of clear water between them. On the start signal (the firing of a cannon) they chase each other up the river. When a bump occurs (when one boat is touched by the chasing boat), they pull over to allow the other crews to continue racing. The next day, each pair of boats involved in a bump swap places and the race is run again. After the four days of racing, the aim of the top crews is to be at the "head of the river," i.e. to lead the first division. Lower crews cannot expect to achieve this, but can win their "blades" by bumping up every day. The Lent (late February) bumping races are run this year over five days but each division has one rest day.

All three of our crews start their Lent Bumps campaign on Tuesday.


Our Starting Order is as follows:

Eddies M2 – following the success in the ‘Getting on Race’ we start 4th in Men’s Division 4

Chasing Catz M3, pursued by Jesus M4

Men’s Division 4 starts at 14:00


Eddies W1 –lining-up as bottom of Women’s Division 2 and will be chasing Newnham W2. We will be in a ‘Sandwich Boat’ tussle, fending-off the crew attempting to come up from the top of Women’s Division 3 (to be decided at race time 14:40), and eager to escape relegation into Division 3 and the prospect of becoming a ‘Sandwich Boat’.

Women’s Division 2 starts at 16:00


Eddies M1 - starting 16th/17 in Men’s Division 2

Chasing Sidney, pursued by Christ’s M2

Men’s Division 2 starts at 16:40


Do come down to the river and support our fantastic oarsfolk Please note that the Towpath is very busy and only official bank party are allowed to cycle with the crews, all other supporters must be on foot. There are hefty fines for breaching this and numerous other rules!

Our boats Lily and Dotty are recognized by their royal blue and light blue chevrons and our blades are royal blue with a light blue and a white stripe. You can find a further guide to blades at


Good luck to all of our crews!

Lily Bacon

Senior Captain

St Edmund’s College Boat Club