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Bumps Diary 2017

01 Mar 2017

The Lents 2017 – Day 1 Results


Eddies M2 overbumped by Churchill, down 3 places

Eddies W1 bumped by Wolfson, down 1

Eddies M1 bumped Sidney, up 1

Marconi Cup score -12, 32nd/32!

Fines so far – nilJ

Today’s schedule (Day 2)
Eddies M2 – M Div 4 – Race time 14:00
Chasing Jesus M4, pursued by King’s M3
Eddies W1 – W Div 3 – Race time 14:40
Sandwich Boat, pursued by Clare W2
Eddies M1 – M Div 2 *rest day*
W1 Ailsa                                   M1 Bump                                                                            M2 Crew
A little overcast with a light south-westerly breeze as M2 sets off from the Boat House for the start of our Bumps campaign for 2017.
A strong start by Jesus M4 chasing us saw them overlap a canvas with us twice, but some skilled steering of the racing lines by cox Tomé Magalhãel Gouveia and some strong pushes from the crew fended them off. Jesus were finally caught by Caius M3 coming out of Grassy taking of the pressure for us to chase down Catz M3. But disaster struck coming around Ditton Corner and one of Lily’s rudder wires snapped leaving us without any steering capability.
With great skill, and some unorthodox, yet effective arm-ruddering, Tomé guided Lily to bank gently on Stourbridge Common. An excellent display of first-class coxing with the crew’s safety paramount … then the boat! Top job Tomé, and desperately bad luck for M2.
This allowed a most fortunate and grateful Churchill M3 to pass us for an over-bump.
Weds - Chasing Jesus M4, pursued by King’s M3
By the start of the Women’s Div 2, the temperature had dropped considerably, the wind increased and a light drizzle had descended over the Cam as W1 rowed up. The marshaling was slow due to Newnham W2 having hit a Queens’ boat at Green Dragon whilst rowing up and losing a bow ball. Hungry from their row-over at the top of W Div 3, Wolfson W1 ‘the sandwich-boat’ line up behind us at Baits Bite. They were obviously fired up not to row twice again another day and started strongly. Unfortunately we didn’t make up enough ground on Newnham 2 and were bumped by Wolfson before the A14 bridge in around 36 seconds.
Weds – Sandwich Boat
Dropping down to W Div 3 we miss our rest day and have to fend off Clare W2 to earn our right to challenge back up again. A tough day for the ladies.
With some quick repairs to Lily’s rudder and reams of tape protecting her hull, M1 rowed up to the lock to start their Bumps challenge. Quick from the gun, the Christs M2 were left standing in our wake as we made steady ground on Sidney M1. We easily gained a canvas overlap by the A14 but were unable to actually bump Sidney for another 200m at The Ditch. Impressive power from the guys, with plenty more promised for the rest of the week.
A well-deserved rest day, but chasing Clare M2, pursued by Sidney M1 on Thursday
Our grateful thanks to all our valiant Eddies’ bank crew, on a very cold, wet and slippery towpath: Chara, Andy, Daniel, Christina and Reece
Lily’s (person not boat!) bike miles – 17.75
Lily Bacon
Senior Captain
St Edmund’s College Boat Club