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Bumps Diary 2017

02 Mar 2017

The Lents 2017 – Day 2 Results


Eddies M2 bumped by Kings M3, down 1 place
Eddies W1 scratched, down 1
Eddies M1 rest day

Week so far

Eddies M2 down 4 places
Eddies W1 down 2
Eddies M1 up 1
Marconi Cup score -20, still 32nd/32
Fines so far – still nil

Today’s schedule (Day 3)

Eddies M2 – M Div 4 – Race time 14:00

Chasing King’s M3, pursued by Caius M4

Eddies W1 – W Div 3 *rest day*

Eddies M1 – M Div 2 - Race time 15:20

Chasing Clare M2, pursued by Sidney M1


M2 Warmup                                              M2                                                              Steve the 'Canon Guy'

A light south-westerly breeze and the first glimpses of sunshine on the towpath. A new day and M2 keen to put the technical problems of yesterday behind them.

Starting Station 7 comes with an additional hazard – the canons! Positioned under the A14 bridge we were to start some eight feet away from the boom of the race guns. If you have ever wondered there are small 3 canons, painted Cambridge Blue (of course!) and gold, which are all primed to fire with gun powder. The ‘canon-guy’ (no other official title that I could ascertain) is a charming chap named Steve, who holds the requisite ‘black-powder licence’ and comes up all the way from Surrey …

I digress, back to the rowing – ‘Defend your ears’ … THUNDERCRACK! A solid start from M2 and we shook off an early challenge from the King’s Men and looked to be starting to make ground on Caius. But King’s rallied and by First Post Corner, they had moved up to within a whisper of our stern.  A last push and the bump followed coming out of Osier Holt. Great disappointment for M2 and a long paddle home.

Thursday - Chasing King’s M3, pursued by Caius M4

W1 scratched

Thursday - rest day

M1  - rest day

Thursday - Chasing Clare M2, pursued by Sidney M1

Huge thanks again to the splendid Eddies’ bank crew: Glen and Andy

Lily’s (person not boat!) daily bike miles – 8.5


Lily Bacon

Senior Captain

St Edmund’s College Boat Club