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Bumps Diary 2017

06 Mar 2017

The Lents 2017 – Day 3 Results


Eddies M2 technical bump by Caius M4, down 1 place

Eddies W1 rest day

Eddies M1 rowover, no change


Week so far


Eddies M2 down 5 places

Eddies W1 down 2

Eddies M1 up 1


Marconi Cup score -24, still 32nd/32

Fines so far – still nil


Today’s schedule (Friday Day 4)


Eddies M2 – M Div 4 *rest day*

Eddies W1 – W Div 3 - Race time 13:20

Chasing Clare W2, pursued by Lucy/HH W2

Eddies M1 – M Div 2 - Race time 15:20

Chasing Queens’ M2, pursued by Sidney M1


The 30mph morning winds had thankfully subsided as M2 headed up to the towpath. A quick illicit practice start at the Railway Bridge, much to the annoyance of Queens’ BPs, and a refocus on our power and rhythm up the Long Reach. A good start by all the boats and relative distances were being maintained through First Post Corner. Coming into The Gut a bumped-out boat forced us to go wide into Grassy. Up ahead right on the apex of the bend Jesus had over-cooked the corner and were frantically trying to push off the again to stay in the race. In their desperation they clashed with the King’s M3 and the river became a tangle of blades. As we hurtled around the bend there was nowhere to go other than calls to ‘hold it up!’ One would think this would be an end to the proceedings, but no! In their wisdom, the Umpires decided that as the Caius M4 were gaining sufficiently on us they would have bumped in the next few strokes (most likely indeed as we’d already been instructed to stop!) and awarded them a technical bump!! A well-earned rest day for M2 today.


Nobody ever said that Bumps was fair!


A quick swap-over of crew for Lily and M1 were back on the water. Chasing Clare M2 the yellow blades were quickly away and they quickly bumped the Queens’ M2 ahead. We headed off for an overbump, but it was too long a row to the finish. A rowover for our M1.


Huge thanks again to the splendid Eddies’ bank crew: Florian, Norma and Sonia

Lily’s (person not boat!) daily bike miles – 8.75


Lily Bacon

Senior Captain

St Edmund’s College Boat Club