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Bumps Diary 2017

06 Mar 2017

The Lents 2017 – Final Day Results

The end of a rather cold and windy week, finally saw a little sunshine in a comparatively balmy ten degrees, with a very light s-w wind. Legs were tired but all three of our crews were in a determined mood. The Boat Club flag flew majestically over the river at The Ditch (thanks Andy!) to herald our crews on the row up.


Eddies M2 bumped by Girton M2 down 1 place

Eddies W1 bumped by Queens’ W2 down 1

Eddies M1 bumped Darwin M1 up 1


Week so far


Eddies M2 down 6 places – Spoons!

Finishing 10th/12 in Div M4

Eddies W1 down 4 – Spoons!

Finishing 4th/18 in Div W3

Eddies M1 up 3

Finishing 13th/18 in Div M2


Marconi Cup score -24, 29th/32

Winners – Clare score 40


Fines so far – still nil

With the following comments posted on Friday -

St Edmund’s M1 - Failure to bury blades – Warning

St Edmunds’s W1 - Going swimming twice - Advise drysuits for the winter


M1                                                  M2 Warm up                    M2 Crew                                         W1-2 Crew 

M2 have improved demonstrably this week and the long row up to the A14 was the best I had seen them row all week, there is great potential here. First to marshal on a deserted river we questioned our start time, but we were just super-keen and efficient with minimal crew-faff. Unfortunately the same could not be said for the bp, who noticed with only 40 seconds to go that our push-out pole was missing! Luckily the marshal station was only 100m away, a new pole quickly acquired and we were in position with seconds to spare. Girton M2 made steady and determined progress on us from the gun and, despite some brave pushes, we were only able to fight them off until the bump at Osier Holt.

W1 were gradually reeled in from the start by Queens’ W2 and were also bumped at Osier Holt. To add insult to injury having cleared safely to the far side of the river, we were hit in a clash of blades by a marauding Catz W2 – they were justly fined £75 for ‘dangerous coxing’ and a further £75 for ‘rowing into a stationary crew’!

It was left to M1 to save the day. Darwin M1 were clinically hunted down and we gained an overlap just past The Ditch, with the inevitable bump at First Post Corner. Great performance guys!

A huge congratulations to all of our crews. Many of our oarsfolk had never been in a boat before October and have endured the dark, wet and cold early mornings of winter training to race in some very challenging conditions - I’m really proud of you all!

My sincere thanks again to all those who joined me for bp duties in the bike scramble chaos and mud of the towpath, and my final thanks to all of you who came down to cheer us along the course, it really does help lift the spirit and ease the pain. It’s been a spectacular week of racing.


Other news –

Men’s Headship – Downing M1 won it from Caius M1 in their first race, only to be bumped by Lady Margaret in the third race who take the title.

Bottom of the River – Corpus M2


Women’s Headship – title retained by Jesus W1

Bottom of the River – Queens’ W3


Do come and join us at The Mays!

Lily Bacon

Senior Captain

St Edmund’s College Boat Club

Lily’s (person not boat!) daily bike miles – 14; total for the week an exhausting 64.5 miles