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Bumps Diary 2018

23 Feb 2018


Our M2 will race a time-trial this afternoon for a place in the Lent Bumps.

Where there are more crews entering the Bumps than there are places on the River, the lowest crews must compete for places in the Getting-On Race. Crews are removed from the lowest division such that there is one place available in the Bumps for every two crews competing in the Getting-On Race (up to a maximum of 18 places). Crews are timed from the upstream side of the A14 Road Bridge to the upstream side of the Railway Bridge and the fastest will qualify for places in the Bumps next week.

We race in the first division at 2pm  - wearing number 109  we will chase Wolfson II and follow Sidney II. This is a most gruelling time trial, rowing an approx. course distance of 2km at full race pace; all support on the towpath most welcome.

Former Eddies’ BC President Aviv Fonea returns to the M2 cox seat, with the rest of the crew as follows:

  • Alain Naef (bow)
  • Ffinian Jones
  • David Morse
  • Wolfgang Koch
  • Stepan Chrz
  • Simon Lang
  • Oliver Montgomery
  • Benjamin Schönfuß

Good Luck guys.

Row long, row hard!

Lily Bacon DL FRSA

Fellow Commoner & Boat Club Senior Captain