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Bumps Diary 2018

03 Mar 2018


Some racing did proceed yesterday as the conditions improved and, according to Caption Patrick Short, M1 put in another impressive performance - "The Steady Eddies M1 got off to another fast start and had one whistle (boat length difference) on Darwin College just 10 strokes into the race. We kept our speed up, taking a few feet every stroke, until we were several seats overlap with Darwin, forcing them to concede before the first post corner."

The towpath has been gritted this morning and the temperature continues to rise up the scale , so all indications are good for racing today. At the moment the divisions are as published:

Saturday’s line up:

Eddies M2 – Div 4 (mixed) – Race time 12:40

Starting in 6th place again, chasing Wolfson II pursued by Downing III

Eddies W1 – Div 3 (women) – Race time 13:20

Starting in 3th place, chasing Christ’s II pursued by Catz II

Eddies M1 – Div 2 (men) – Race time 15:20

Starting in 11th place, chasing Homerton I, pursued by Darwin I

There may still be restrictions in place for folk on the towpath, so I would suggest all spectators to head to the comparative warmth and comfort of The Plough at Fen Ditton.

Good luck to all our crews, row long, row hard, stay safe!

Lily Bacon DL FRSA

Fellow Commoner & Boat Club Senior Captain