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Bumps Diary 2018

05 Mar 2018

Eddies’ M1 win discretionary Blades

In a grand finale to a bitterly cold and bleak week on the river, St Edmund’s M1, the self-styled ‘steady Eddies’, brutally dispatched the Homerton M1 in only a matter of minutes from the gun (50 seconds or 38 strokes to be precise!). See video here.

However, having only raced and bumped three out of four of their scheduled races (one cancelled), the question of eligibility for Blades arose. The general presumption is winning a ‘bump in 4 consecutive races in the race week’, but there is no general precedent for disruption due to adverse weather as the last time racing was cancelled was in 1963, which predates our College Boat Club!

After much consultation and discussion, I am  delighted to announce that M1 will be awarded discretionary Blades for the Lent Bumps 2018. My congratulations to all the crew and coaches on a most magnificent performance this week. This could be the crew to take us up to the Head of Division 2 for The Mays!