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May Bumps 2016

06 Jun 2016
The highlight of the Cambridge College rowing calendar is upon us this week; The May Bumps start on Wednesday for 4 days of passionate, lung-busting, thigh-screaming competition! We will endeavour to keep you updated every day with all our results, but if you do capture any pics of our crews in action please email them to me at
Our three crews will be on the water all week (Weds to Sat) rowing for Blades and Glory – there is no Second place in Bumps!
Eddies M2 – Division M4, Gun time 15:15
Looking to Bump Hughes M2, chased by Homerton M2
Eddies W1 – Division W3, Gun time 16:00
Looking to Bump Catz W2, chased by Girton W2
Eddies M1 – Division M2, Gun time 18:15
Looking to Bump Homerton M1, being chased by Maggie M2
The timetable for the day for all divisions can be found at
If you would like to join us at the river there are some great vantage points along the towpath, or for a more relaxed afternoon you can join the crowds at The Plough, Fen Ditton
This guide to Blades may help with spotting the colours of other crews
Our two Janousek boats are similar adorned with royal and light blue chevrons front and back, however we do sometime get a little confused with Pembroke … and even Hughes Hall?? The women will be racing their beloved ‘Dorothea Nyberg’ (Dotty) and looking to put the disappointments of The Lents behind them. Both men’s crew will be racing in ‘Lily’ who has yet to be Bumped and is hunting Blades again. 
May I wish all of our crews the very best of luck – row long, row hard!
Lily Harter

Senior Captain, SECBC