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May Bumps Diary 2016

09 Jun 2016
Wednesday 8, May 2016 - The Results
by Lily Harter, Senior Captain
A gloriously sunny day on the river with just a light northerly breeze to take the edge off the heat. As we know fortunes can change quickly in Bumps and that was certainly the case with our crews since their performances in the Lents only a few months previously.
First up was the Lent’s blade-winning M2 – a good, solid start from the gun, but so did the other 4 boats ahead. Travelling together they made little ground in each other with the crews seemingly evenly matched. Homerton M2 behind us were caught by Caius M3 before 1st Post Corner, so with no one chasing things were looking good. We were slowly making ground on Hughes M2, but they were gaining on a fading Catz M3 even quicker. Catz were finally caught by the railings, and although we were in hot pursuit of Wolfson M2 there was not really enough river to make the over-bump a reality and had to settle for the row-over.
M2 today (Thurs): chasing Catz M3, pursued by Caius M3
Second to go were W1, who really needed to put their unlucky Lents’ results behind them … and they did – hurrah! Catz W2 were caught by 1st Post Corner to jubilation and relief all round.
W1 today (Thurs); chasing Selwyn W2, pursued by Catz W2
And finally, M1 who missed Blades by a whisker in Lents – resplendent in traditional Bears’ colours, the guys had a bit of a wonky start but the racing line was soon recovered. Boats were looking fairly evenly matched as we came through the Ditch and by 1st Post Corner it looked as though Hughes M1 had a canvas on Maggie M2 behind us and would Bump them off our tail, but poor coxing thwarted the challenge. But disaster, we hit some dirty water around Grassy and an unlucky crab slowed the boat sufficiently for Maggie M2 to catch us, bad luck guys. Other thrills in the race saw the Maggie cox and Stroke dive into the water to escape the flailing blades of Hughes M1 which were bearing down on them. Luckily no one was injured!
M2 today (Thurs): chasing Maggie M2, pursued by Hughes Hall M1
Pegasus Cup points – 0, position 17th
Conditions look good again for today, do come and join us if you can.