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Part Time Postgraduate

Part Time Postgraduate Students

St Edmund's College welcomes many part time students each year from a range of backgrounds -

  • EMBA
  • Master of Studies in Creative Writing
  • Master of Studies in History
  • Master of Studies in Social Innovation
  • Part time PhD students

We are delighted to have such a diverse group of students and professionals as members of the College. 

More detailed information about the courses on offer and the application processcan be found here:

Please read on for specific and general notes for part time students:


Executive MBA (EMBA) students

We are looking forward to meeting you when you arrive in Cambridge for your first residential session from 9 September to 15 September. 

Monday 11 September

The Senior Tutor, Dr Judith Bunbury, wishes to invite you to dinner at the College on Monday 11th September.  There will be pre-dinner drinks from 7pm in the SCR, followed by dinner at 7.30pm in the Huddleston Room.  You will also be asked to sign the matriculation form and College book during the evening.

Matriculation marks your formal admission to membership of the University and St Edmund's College.  You will remain a member of St Edmund's College for life.


MSt Social Innovation students

Monday 4th December

The Senior Tutor, Dr Judith Bunbury, wishes to invite you to afternoon tea at the College, at 4pm.  You will be asked to sign the matriculation form and College book during the afternoon.

Matriculation marks your formal admission to membership of the University and St Edmund's College.  You will remain a member of St Edmund's College for life.




All Students


University Card

You will be issued with your University Card by the Judge Business School or Institution of Continuing Education during your Orientation week.  It is increasingly used around the University and College to grant access to services and facilities.  Click here for further information regarding the uses and benefits of the University Card.

Matriculation Photograph - Friday 29th September

You are also warmly invited to attend the matriculation photograph for all new students on Friday 29th September at 1pm if your schedule enables you to be in Cambridge on this day.

College Charges

College accounts are invoiced at the beginning of each Term. Please see the College accounts page for further information.


As a member of St Edmund's College you may wish to book guest rooms for when you are in Cambridge for your course.  Guest rooms are booked up quickly, so it is important that you book your room as soon you know your requirements.  Unfortunately, our accommodation is limited and it is not possible for us to guarantee your accommodation.  If you have any queries, or to book a room, contact the Facilities Manager.

Eating at St Edmund's College

There is up-to-date dining information here including the opening hours for the dining hall.

Formal Hall is held on Tuesdays and Fridays in term time.  Formal Hall is a fixed-price, fixed-menu formal dinner with waiter/waitress service.  Please note, an academic gown must be worn by members of the University at Formal Hall.  You must book in advance via the Formal Dinner Booking System if you have a College account.  Please note that our Formal Halls are very popular as we have a great reputation for our food!


There is a shared pigeonhole in the College Post Room for part time students.


You will be contacted by the Tutorial Office in the Michaelmas Term with information about your tutor. Tutors are responsible for the general welfare of their students and represent them in official contacts with the central administration of the University.

It is in each student's best interest to inform their Tutor as soon as any illness or difficulty occurs which is likely to affect study or examination performance.  In such cases, Tutors help to deal with health or other personal problems and are in a position to assist with special needs or disabilities.  Requests to take examinations under special conditions can be arranged by the Tutor.  Your Tutor is contactable at any time by email.  They can be seen by appointment and such appointments should be made via email. In an emergency contact the Tutorial & Admissions Office (+44 (0)1223 336252).

St Edmund's College CR Events and Facebook

All St Edmund's students, part time and full time, become part of the Combination Room (CR) a multi-disciplinary, culturally diverse and international community, closely integrated into the academic and social life of the College.

You will be allocated a 'buddy' by the CR - a current student who you may wish to contact for information and advice during your studies.

Please see the CR website.

If you find yourself in Cambridge during Freshers' Week you are most welcome to participate in any of the events listed here to enable you to meet some like-minded, friendly people.

The CR has a student-run facebook page. You will automatically be added to the CR mailing list through which their events are advertised. 

Alumni Events

As part of your College membership you also receive life membership of the St Edmund's College Alumni Society.

Alumni events take place in Cambridge, London, and across the world.  You will be warmly welcomed.


Any member of St Edmund’s College who has fulfilled the appropriate examination and residence requirements may proceed to their degree at Congregation.

The Board of Graduate Studies informs graduate students when they have been approved for their degrees and asks them to contact the College to make the necessary arrangements to have their degrees conferred at Congregation.

Graduands should sign themselves up to a graduation ceremony of their choice via CamSiS self service and also contact the Praelector or his secretary, Mr Samuel Langley (tel.36252) ( in the Tutorial Office. The College will not put forward anyone for graduation who has not settled their College and University bills. 



As a member of St Edmund's you are welcome to bring your family along to St Teddy's Club.  The programme of events is updated throughout the year.

You may also be interested in activities organised by the Newcomers and Visiting Scholars Scheme.