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Dr Ann Kaminski

Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, Graduate Admissions Tutor

Ann Kaminski graduated from the University of Glasgow in 1980 with a degree in Agricultural Botany. She completed a Ph.D. in Cambridge (Robinson College) studying plant physiology and photosynthesis. Her first research post was in the (then) Department of Microbiology, University of Birmingham, UK. She returned to Cambridge in 1987 to take up a research position in the Department of Biochemistry, working on mechanisms of viral protein synthesis. In 2006, she joined the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute as Head of Scientific Administration, which includes responsibility for the graduate programme in the Institute. 

She joined the College in 2000, initially as a Teaching Fellow.  She was a Tutor for 5 years and is now Graduate Admissions Tutor for the Sciences.  Recreational interests include knitting and travel.