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The majority of the College Fellows are engaged in research across a wide range of academic disciplines within the various University Departments and Research Institutes in which they work.  For full details about their research please use the links to their departmental/institute web pages shown in their individual entries here

The College advertises stipendiary and non-stipendiary Research Fellowships from time to time. Such Research Fellows normally carry out their research within appropriate University Departments and Research Institute.  The Research Fellows are full members of the Governing Body of the College.

The College also has two Research Institutes based in the College, each led by a Fellow.  These Research Institutes are the Von Hügel Institute and The Faraday Institute, details of which are below.

Von Hügel Institute for Critical Catholic Inquiry

The Von Hügel Institute for Critical Catholic Inquiry (VHI) is an interdisciplinary research centre inspired by Catholic thought and culture, focussed on contemporary global realities, and dedicated to encounter, dialogue, and transformation. It was founded in 1987 to preserve and develop the Roman Catholic heritage of St Edmund’s College.

Our international team of researchers, drawn from across the disciplines, is primarily engaged in high quality academic research. This results not only in books, articles, and reports, but also in societal impact through media dissemination, work with governmental and church bodies, as well as NGOs. Recent outputs have had bearing on contemporary issues such as migration, patenting of genetic material, understandings of health and ill-health, human dignity, and inter-religious relations in the 21st century.

The VHI annual lecture series  and programme of seminars, conferences, research networks, international collaborations and educational events have produced lasting impact around the world. The VHI also publishes Reviews in Religion and Theology, the leading international reviews journal for religion, theology, and ethics, in association with Wiley-Blackwell.

The institute has an external Advisory Board as well as distinguished Patrons, who offer advice on research and outreach activities, and it regularly welcome visiting fellows and scholars. In its 30th anniversary year, under a new director, and at the cusp of major developments at St Edmund’s College, the VHI is embarking on a major fundraising campaign and is working to create a permanent and fertile home at the heart of the University of Cambridge. 

The Faraday Institute

The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion is an academic interdisciplinary research organization. Its aim is to provide a forum for science-religion discourse with academic integrity, and to disseminate the fruits of research widely in the public domain. 


The Institute organises a wide range of activities, including:

  1. Free, regular lectures and seminars on a range of scientific and religious topics.
  2. Short, intensive weekend, and midweek courses. These are open to graduates or undergraduates from any university in the world, of any faith or none. Scholarships are available to enable delegates from low-income countries to participate.
  3. Residential and day conferences which focus on a particular aspect of the interaction between science and religion.
  4. Free access to resources such as downloadable audio and video recordings of over 350 Faraday Institute courses, lectures and seminars and an online shop.
  5. Informing and improving the media's understanding of the interaction between science and religion.

In addition to these activities the Institute also works with schools providing both visiting speakers as well as resources for teachers.

The Institute has become widely recognised for its work, attracting the support and participation of a wide range of distinguished academics and members of the public.

The Institute Advisory Board includes some of the world’s leading scientists and religious thinkers.