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Master and College Officers

Position Held Name Role
Master Ms Catherine Arnold OBE

The Master is Chairman of the Governing Body and the Council; they are thus able to keep in close touch with various officers in their work.

Vice-Master Dr Gemma Burgess

The Vice-Master deputises for the Master in their absence and undertakes other duties assigned by the Governing Body. They are also a member of most of the College’s Committees.

Senior Tutor Dr Judith Bunbury

The Senior Tutor has overall responsibility for Tutorial matters in their various aspects and is Chair of the Tutorial Committee. They also have overall responsibility for matters relating to the education, discipline and welfare of the Junior Members of the College.

Dean of Discipline Dr Gemma Burgess

The Dean of Discipline is responsible, in conjunction with the Senior Tutor, for the discipline of student members and for their proper behaviour within the College, and performs such duties as the Council may determine.

Dean Fr Edward Hone

The Dean is responsible for the College Liturgy in accordance with the current rites and ceremonies of the Roman Catholic Church and works closely with the Tutors on matters of student welfare. He is Chair of the Dean’s Committee and is always happy to meet students to discuss personal or pastoral matters.

Bursar Mr Graham Watson

The Bursar is responsible for the non-academic administration and for the financial and domestic management of the College.

Second Bursar Dr Robin Chatterjee

The Second Bursar assists the Bursar in their duties and deputises for the Bursar in their absence.

Treasurer Mr Graham Watson

The Treasurer is responsible for implementing the investment policy formulated by the Council.

Development Director Mrs Kate Glennie

The Development Director is responsible for leading the College’s fundraising and alumni relations activities.

Secretary of the Governing Body Dr Kate Brett

The Secretary of the Governing Body gives notice of the meetings of the Governing Body and the Council and keeps minutes of the proceedings and decisions of these meetings.

Praelector Fr Alban McCoy

The Praelector presents members of the College to the University for matriculation and for degrees.

Deputy to the Praelector

Dr Suzanne Paul

Dr Charlotte Kenchington

The Deputy to the Praelector assists the Praelector in their duties and deputises for the Praelector as necessary.

Admissions Director Dr Martin Thompson

The Admissions Director is responsible for processes concerning the admission of students.

Deputy Admissions Director Dr Martin Parker-Dixon

The Deputy Admissions Director provides support for the admissions process and deputises for the Admissions Director where appropriate.

Finance Tutor Dr Peter O'Donnell

The Finance Tutor is responsible for advising on financial matters, how best to allocate the Tutorial budget and meets with students in financial hardship. 

Rooms Tutor

Professor Stephen Jenkins and

Dr Kate Wilson (Acting LT2022 and ET 2022)

The Rooms Tutor is responsible for allocating accommodation in College and sub-let houses according to the accommodation policy established by the Accommodation-Sub Committee.

Fellow Librarian Dr Suzanne Paul

The Fellow Librarian is responsible for the College Library.

Steward Dr Gemma Burgess 

The Steward is responsible for arrangements for formal entertaining, in the form and at the level agreed by the Steward’s Committee, the Finance and General Purposes Committee and the Council. They are responsible for the good order of the Senior Combination Room and for chairing the Stewards’ Committee.

Wine Steward Fr Alban McCoy

The Wine Steward is responsible for the ordering, purchasing, recording and serving of wine for the formal entertainment provided by the College.  

Fellow Archivist Dr Suzanne Paul

The Fellow Archivist is responsible for the safe and efficient housing, listing and curation of the College archives and their accessibility to appropriate persons.

Fellows' Stewards

Dr Ana Gonzalez-Rueda

Dr Peng He

Dr Jiachen Jiang

Dr Michael Pashkevich

Dr Jonnie Penn

The Fellows’ Stewards assist with and are responsible for formal entertainment in the College and are members of the Stewards’ Committee.

PDRA Convenor Dr Esther-Miriam Wagner

The Post-Doctoral Research Associate Convenor shall be responsible for welcoming post-doctoral research associates to the College and for co-ordinating events for them.

Keeper of the Works of Art Mr Gordon Chesterman

The Keeper of Works of Art shall be responsible for the cataloguing and care of works of art owned by, and entrusted to, the College for making available information about these works of art, for the promotion of art within the College and for chairing the Works of Art Committee.

Careers Tutor Mr Gordon Chesterman

The Careers Tutor offers further advice and information to facilitate students and junior researchers make successful plans for life after Cambridge.

Green Officer Dr Kristen MacAskill

The Green Fellow is responsible for the propagation of environmental policies of the College.

Director of the Von Hügel Institute

Dr Vittorio Montemaggi The Director of the Von Hügel Institute is responsible for the overall direction and leadership of the Institute.