Bar & CR

Common Room

Common Room

Playing pool in the Common Room

The main common room is the Combination Room (CR) situated on the ground floor of the main College building. It has a TV, a bar, and a pool table; a selection of newspapers and periodicals are available there. On the second floor of the main College building students also have the use of the Norfolk Library as a quiet area. There is also a Fitness Centre in the Library Building.


Eddie's Bar

Eddie’s Bar

The bar is managed by the CR Bar Steward and operated voluntarily by members of the College on a rota system drawn up by the Bar Steward. The bar will normally be open between 9.30pm and midnight. Please see the Bar Steward if you are willing to tend the bar. You will be required to attend a training session before you can serve at the bar.

A copy of the Premises licence granted by the Cambridge City Council is displayed in the College bar, together with a copy of the Code of Conduct relating to bar operations. The bar is governed by regulations concerning permitted hours of opening, behaviour and underage drinking.

An official extension to the opening hours can be granted for specific occasions on application to the Head of Domestic Operations, who is the Designated Premises Supervisor. Members are asked to co-operate with the CR Bar Steward and the Security Porter who is responsible for ensuring that the official closing times are adhered to.  Please note that smoking is not permitted in the Bar or elsewhere in College buildings.

Please click here for further information from the Bar Steward.