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Anglo Saxon Norse and Celtic

Director of Studies    Professor Paul Russell (Department of Anglo Saxon Norse and Celtic)
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Undergraduate Study

BA Anglo Saxon, Norse and Celtic Tripos

Course Overview

The Anglo Saxon, Norse, and Celtic Tripos (or 'ASNC'), is unique to the University of Cambridge.  No previous knowledge of the subjects studied is expected or required, however we do look for a level of passion and commitment, and would require evidence of proficieny in arts and humanities subjects.  ASNC gives undergraduate students the opportunity to study the history and culture of the various peoples who inhabited Britain and Ireland and Scandinavia in the early Middle Ages.

There is further information about the course on the University and Faculty webpages.

Entry Requirements

There are no specific subject requirements requested by the College.

Please note that we would ask you to submit at least one piece of recent written work (preferably marked) with your application.  Please contact the Admissions Office for a cover sheet.

At-Interview Assessment

All applicants will be asked to sit an assessment on the day they attend their interview in College.  The assessment will last no longer than an hour, and will be comparable to the pre interview test taken by standard age applicants.  Information about the pre-interview tests for ASNC, specimen papers and a specification can be found on the University ASNC webpage under 'Entry Requirements'