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COVID-19 Temporary Library Loan Scheme for Students Living onsite 

St Edmund’s College Library print holdings can be accessed via the online catalogue administered by iDiscover (, offering a way to search library collections across the University. 

There is now a temporary book loan scheme for students onsite. Further information and the online form for requesting books can be accessed by clicking on the link below:

COVID-19 Temporary Library Loan Scheme for Students Living onsite

Suggestions for print purchases may be made by completing the Library Support/Book Requests form in the online support facility or else by email to the College Librarian. 

Students living offsite who need to request essential electronic books not currently available, can do so via the University Library or their Faculty/Departmental/College Librarian. There are also a number of excellent links to aid study and research including – 

· Access to electronic resources such as e-books; e-journals; a wealth of databases; 

· Online form for requesting/recommending e-books; 

· Help for accessing electronic legal deposit publications which are normally only available at the UL/departmental libraries; 

· A virtual helpdesk

All may be accessed here.

A generic guide to the library can be found here

College Library Staff

Ms Susanne Jennings, College Librarian (scj22)

Gurashish (Guru) Singh, Student Librarian (gs619) 

St Edmund’s College Fellow Librarian

Dr Suzanne Paul, Fellow Librarian (sp510)