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Master and College Officers

Position Held Name Email Address
Master The Hon. Matthew Bullock
Vice-Master Dr Philip McCosker
Bursar Ms Edna Murphy
Second Bursar Fr Alban McCoy
Dean Fr Alban McCoy
Senior Tutor Dr Judith Bunbury
Development Director Mrs Kate Glennie

Deputy Senior Tutor, Deputy Undergraduate Admissions Tutor

Dr Michele Gemelos

Undergraduate Admissions Tutor

Dr Susan Haines
Graduate Admissions Tutor

Dr Petà Dunstan

Dr Ann Kaminski

Careers Tutor Mr Gordon Chesterman
Financial Tutor Dr Peter O'Donnell
Rooms Tutor Professor Stephen Jenkins
Fellows' Stewards

Dr Riccardo di Pietro

Dr Yang Liu

Dr Alessandro Rossi

Dr Remco Heesen

Dr Jonathan Mar

Dr Angeliki Koutsoukou-Argyraki

Dr Roman Vater

Dr Karina Vold
Secretary of Governing Body  Dr Kate Brett
Fellow Librarian Dr Petà Dunstan
Praelector Fr Alban McCoy
Fellow Archivist Dr Suzanne Paul
PDRA Convenor Dr George Gordon