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Master and College Officers

Position Held Name Email Address
Master Ms Catherine Arnold OBE master(at)
Vice-Master Dr Diana Wood vice.master(at)
Senior Tutor Dr Judith Bunbury senior.tutor(at)
Development Director Mrs Kate Glennie development.director(at)
Dean Fr Edward Hone dean(at)
Bursar Mr Graham Watson bursar(at)
Director of Admissions Dr Martin Thompson mjt68(at)
Praelector, Wine Steward

Fr Alban McCoy


Careers Tutor Mr Gordon Chesterman gc214(at)
Financial Tutor Dr Peter O'Donnell p.j.odonnell(at)
Rooms Tutor Professor Stephen Jenkins accommodation(at)
Fellows' Stewards

Dr Yang Liu

Dr Ana Gonzalez-Rueda

Dr Peng He

Secretary of Governing Body Dr Kate Brett kbrett(at)
Dean of Discipline Ms Catherine Dobson cad46(at)
Steward Dr Antonina Kruppa ajk62(at)
PDRA Convenor Dr Esther-Miriam Wagner emw36(at)
Green Fellow Dr Kristen MacAskill kam71(at)
Fellow Librarian Dr Suzanne Paul sp510(at)
Keeper of the Works of Art Mr Gordon Chesterman gc214(at)
Fellow Archivist, Deputy Praelector Dr Suzanne Paul sp510(at)
Second Bursar Dr Robin Chatterjee rac48(at)