Accommodation – About the Rooms

St Edmund’s College has considerable history and character, and has undergone several phases of development.

Map to locate College accommodation

Single rooms in St Edmund’s are graded from 1 to 14 with Grade 1 being the lowest rent. In general, grade 1 rooms are smaller and situated in the older buildings whilst those in grade 6 and above are larger, have en suite facilities and are situated in the newer buildings.

The rooms are distributed in buildings of differing ages, and they are of varying sizes and levels of facilities.


We are unable to show any of our accommodation to prospective students before they come into residence.

St Edmund’s College adheres to the ANUK/Unipol Code of Standards for Larger Residential Developments for student accommodation managed and controlled by educational establishment.

St Edmunds ANUK Certificate 2024


If you want to learn more about accommodation, please follow the link below to find the Accommodation Handbook:

Accommodation Handbook 2024-25