Accommodation – About the Rooms

St Edmund’s College has considerable history and character, and has undergone several phases of development. Consequently the rooms are distributed in buildings of differing ages, and they are of varying sizes and levels of facilities.

Single rooms in St Edmund’s are graded from 1 to 12 with Grade 1 being the lowest rent. In general, grade 1 rooms are smaller and situated in the older buildings whilst those in grade 6 and above are larger, have en suite facilities and are situated in the newer buildings.

**Please note the new grades 1 – 12 DO NOT corollate to the old catorgries 1 – 7 please see the rent sheet for guidence**


We are unable to show any of our accommodation to prospective students before they come into residence.

Map to locate College accommodation


Study bedrooms and MPH studios

Rents for grades 1 to 12 rooms are invoiced quarterly and are inclusive of utility bills and council tax.


Norfolk Building

Study bedrooms from grages 1 to 3

White Cottage

Study bedrooms from grades 2 to 6

Benet House

Study bedrooms from grades 4 to 8

Richard Laws Building

49 Study bedrooms in grade 5

Brian Heap Building

66 Study bedrooms in grade 6 to 9

Mount Pleasant Halls

104 Study bedrooms from grade 8 to 9

52 Studio flats from grades 10 to 12


Top Floor Rooms

Many of the top floor rooms in the college have more unique features due to their location in the building. The structure of the roof lines can cause the ceilings to be lower, cosy for some, resttictive for others. By their very nature they are on the top floor as well, many stairs to climb, but on the other hand no neighoour above you. The views can be pretty and the sunsets longer, but the wind can be strong. We highlight the top floor rooms so that you can be aware of what you are booking in advance. The benifits or challenges of a top floor room are for you to decide.


Other Accommodation

Rents for other properties are invoiced monthly and are exclusive of utility bills and council tax.

Enqries for other accommodation should be made directly with the College


Geoffrey Cook Building

2 four-room flats (Kitchen, lounge, dining area, shower room and 3 bedrooms; available for families/couples or three students)

3 three-room flats (Kitchen, lounge, dining area, shower room and 2 bedrooms; available for families/couples) (Council Tax band D)

The Flats 

3 small studio flats (bedsit/study, kitchen and bathroom); available for couples (Council Tax band A)

The flats are partially furnished and equipped with some essential items. Linen, towels, cooking utensils, crockery and cutlery are not provided, although if previous residents have left items behind the college will leave for the next resident.  These items can be disposed of if not needed.


St Edmund’s College adheres to the ANUK/Unipol Code of Standards for Larger Residential Developments for student accommodation managed and controlled by educational establishmener

ANUK Certificate 2022