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The library building provides a splendid study facility over two floors. The first floor houses books and reference material on open shelves, and a second floor provides a comfortable study area equipped with computers and data points for laptops. The acquisitions policy is to add useful works of reference to the collection of books which have been given or bought over the years, and, where possible, to provide core textbooks where students indicate a need. The library holdings are listed in the Newton Catalogue of Libraries in the University, which can be accessed online from the library.

Suggestions for purchases may be made by completing the Libray Support/Book Requests form in the online support facility or else by email to the Assistant Librarian.

Dr Petà Dunstan, Fellow Librarian (pd10008) 
Ms Susanne Jennings, Assistant Librarian (scj22) 
Mr Omer Friedlander, Student Librarian (of240)