A light blue day at Twickenham


A 20-10 victory for Cambridge in the men’s Varsity rugby match on Thursday 7th December sealed a great day for Cambridge rugby, following the comprehensive thrashing of Oxford 24-0 by the Cambridge women a couple of hours earlier.

This year, St Edmund’s were only represented in the men’s team, with Andrew Hunter and Archie Russell playing a full part in the win. For the partisan spectator, the first half was rather nail biting with three tries disallowed and the growing thought that it might not be our day.

But even though at half time we were only ahead 5-3, the second half saw us steadily pull away. It wasn’t an easy game to win and there were a lot of big hits to keep the dark blues at bay. On several occasions only Andrew Hunter’s body was between the dark blues and our line.

The battered and bloody appearance of mostly Cambridge players by the finish was a testament to the efforts that were put in for the victory. After the game, many Cambridge supporters packed into the Varsity Gathering (formerly the Blues Village) to meet old friends and celebrate in what appeared to be one of the most restricted drinking spaces in the stadium. But with two wins
to celebrate it was a perfect place to end the day.

If you have never been to a Varsity match, do try and go along next year. When Cambridge win twice and St Edmund’s students are part of at least one of the victorious teams, Twickenham is the only place to be.