Bumps Diary 14 June ’17


A sunny but breezy afternoon made conditions a little choppy out of the shelter of the trees, but otherwise a great day for racing.
M2 – Bumped by ARU – down 1
A good solid start and we were steadily making ground on Sidney M2, with ARU a little slow off the gun. However, coming past The Ditch, Sidney found their rhythm and slowly started to ease away. ARU chasing had also made steady progress behind and managed to reel us in and bump by First Post Corner.
W1 – Bumped Emma 3 – up 1
A most unorthodox start by Emma who appeared to be hugging the bank for the first 100m or so. However, although we were obviously a faster crew their cox ducked and weaved our challenges. There appeared to be an overlap by First Post Corner, but it was not until Grassy when they finally conceded. FaT W2 chasing were never a threat.
M1 – Rowed over – no change
A very evenly matched tussle with Homerton M1. As we pushed forward they defended well and the distance between the boats rarely changed within a length. The race went the full distance almost to Green Dragon Bridge and the prospect of doing it all again. Jesus M2 chasing us were quickly caught by Caius M2 as we left them standing from the gun. A bit unlucky to meet a Homerton crew in such good form, but it will be a good race with them again today (Thurs) so see who has the pace and stamina for the week.
Thursday’s line up
M2 – chasing ARU M1, pursued by Homerton M2 – Gun 15:15
W1 – chasing Christ’s W2, pursued by Emma 3 – Gun 16:00
M1 – chasing Homerton M1, pursued by Caius M2 – Gun 18:15
Overall position – 19th/32
Pegasus Cup – 19th/31 (Claire Hall ineligible), on ‘0’ points – http://www.cucbc.org/handbook/pegasus_cup
Many thanks to all our bank parties for their help and support, and to everyone who cheered us along the river. Do come and join us again today, the program starts at 13:45!