Bumps Diary 15 June ’17


A warm but very windy afternoon with gusts up to 30mph, made conditions out on The Cam rather challenging for less experienced crews, but there was plenty of riveting rowing action down at the river as usual.
Results (Thurs)
M2 – Rowed over – no change (down 1 on the week)
Chasing ARU they had a flier of a start as anticipated and had bumped out Sidney M2 by First Post Corner. We looked good to pursue the overbump but as we came around Grassy more boats ahead of us were bumping and we were never going to catch Hughes Hall M2 (the boat ahead of us still racing) who started 5 places above us. There was little threat behind from Homerton M2 pursuing us, who were caught by Pembroke M3 just before Grassy.
W1 – Bumped Christ’s 2 – up 1 (up 2 on the week)
Another impressive row from the Eddies’ ladies. A good start leaving Emma W3 already half a length behind in seconds, and a very steady but effective reeling in of Christ’s W2 who conceded the bump at Grassy.
M1 – Rowed over – no change (no change on the week)
A rerun of yesterday pursuing the Homerton M1, however they had the fortune of chasing a slower boat than on Monday and bumped Trinity Hall M1 at Grassy before we could catch them. We rowed on seeking the overbump but the next two crews ahead (Wolfson and Hughes Hall) bumped in the Gut, leaving us the herculean task of chasing Fitz M1 up the Reach, who started 5 places above us. A gentle, but not particularly threatening, challenge from Caius M2 behind us forced us to keep race pace to the finish.
Friday’s line up
M2 – chasing Sidney M2, pursued by Pembroke M3 – Gun 15:15
W1 – chasing Murray Edwards W2, pursued by Christ’s – Gun 16:00
M1 – chasing Trinity Hall M1, pursued by Caius M2 – Gun 18:15
Overall May Bumps position – 10th/32
Pegasus Cup – 10th/31 (Claire Hall ineligible), on ‘4’ points – http://www.cucbc.org/handbook/pegasus_cup
Notes and fines and from the Umpires – http://www.cucbc.org/mays/notes_fines
Many thanks again to all our bank parties for their help and support, and to everyone who cheered us along the river. Do come and join us again today, the program starts at 13:45!