Eddies Founded Firm launches DNA test kits


Sano Genetics was founded in 2016 as a collaboration between three St Edmund’s students and has gone on to attract investment and success. Their mission, to help increase access to genomic data for research, but putting respect for the individual and data privacy at the heart of this work, is both cutting edge and very much of the spirit of our times. They have just launched their DNA tests on which more below. If, you want to help them out, you can ‘upvote’ them on producthunt.com, which will help draw attention and support to the groundbreaking work they are doing.

Sano’s DNA test kits

Most DNA tests today are genotyping, covering only 0.02% of your DNA, and aren’t transparent about your data privacy. Sano is changing this with full transparency and better kits, giving you access to full exome and whole genome sequencing.

Genotyping arrays, which are offered by the vast majority of companies (including 23andMe, AncestryDNA, MyHeritage) are less expensive, but cover a small fraction of the DNA (about 0.02%) and are unable to accurately detect rare genetic variation.

Many people also do not trust how their data will be used by these genetics companies. Sano was started to combat the lack of transparency around data ownership in genetics and provide the latest in DNA sequencing technology.

The DNA testing kit provides you with access to free personalised reports, with new reports coming out every two weeks at no extra cost. Your data is also fully compatible with dozens of other re-analysis services, so you can download (or even delete!) your data from Sano and use it elsewhere with one-click.

Sano’s final unique-selling point is its focus on working with top researchers to match you with cutting edge studies. Already, there are half a dozen studies running with researchers from the University of Cambridge, University of Liverpool, and Imperial College London, with more in the pipeline.

In the first three months, Sano is only selling 20 kits per month to ensure that quality is high and delivery on time. They are also providing a few bonus add-ons including a Sano orange terabyte drive with your raw data as a thank you for being an early supporter.

To support this Eddies created business, you can ‘upvote’ their DNA kits on producthunt.com.

You can learn more about Sano Genetics via their website where there is also an e-mail list, as well as connect with them on LinkedInTwitterFacebook, & Instagram.