Eddies Strikes Again: Students Break Another World Record in Rowing


A group of 10 students from Eddies broke Friday afternoon the world record in the fastest million meters (1000 km) rowed by a small team in the male 20-29 years heavyweight category.

Last year, on 15th September, 4 Eddies students (Glen Chua, Siddharth Soni, Michael Stanton and Daniel Kornum) broke the world record for the longest continual row. After a long Michaelmas and Lent term with lectures, job applications, dissertations and Lent bumps, the Easter
break was a perfect opportunity to prove again that Eddies – with its strong tradition of rowing – belongs at the top of the international rowing scene.

On Tuesday 10th April at noon, the 10 Eddies students started their world record attempt in the gym at St. Edmund’s College. To break the record, they had to row continuously on 1 erg for a million meters. If the erg stopped spinning at any point before this milestone, the attempt
would be a failure. Success thus required extensive planning, multiple alarm clocks and disrupted sleep cycles to ensure that one person was always rowing – even during the dreadful 3am-4am time slots. All 10 rowers showed impeccable commitment, endurance and team work as not a
single shift was missed (though rumour has it, one early morning a rower frantically threw his clothes around looking for the last clean set of sportswear while small stones were hammering against his window – another team member’s attempt to wake him up and get him to the gym in
time for his shift).

After more than 3 days of non-stop rowing, K-Pop music blasting through the gym every night and enough food orders to ensure full employment for all of Cambridge’s couriers, at 3:48pm on Friday 13th April (a mere 48 minutes after the always-reliable Eddies tea trolley provided the shot
of caffeine required for the final sprint) the crew crossed the million meters finish line with an average split of 2:16 (min/500m), claiming the second world record in rowing for Eddies.

Congratulations to Eddies, St. Edmund’s College Boat Club and the 10 world record holders:

Daniel Kornum

Ryan Lee

Reuben Cruise

Glen Chua

Patrick Short

Michael Stanton

Jia Yuan Loke

Alain Naef

Oliver Montgomery

Srecko Koralija