Honourary Degree awarded to Professor Colin Williams


Visiting Fellow, Professor Colin Williams, has been awarded an honourary doctorate by the University of Wales.

Professor Williams has for many years been internationally recognized for his expertise in language planning and policy, in particular the Welsh language. The author and editor of numerous publications, he has served as an advisor to government agencies in Europe and North America. In April 2000, Professor Williams was appointed as member of the Welsh language board by the National Assembly, a post he held until 2011. Having held many visiting professorships and Scholar positions at Institutions around the world, in June 2015, following a successful academic career as Research Professor and Director of the Language, Policy and Planning Research Unit at Cardiff University’s School of Welsh, he was elected a Visiting Fellow at St Edmund’s College, University of Cambridge.

The University of Wales held a special event which celebrated the contribution that it has made to the Welsh Higher Education sector, and the country as a whole, over the past three centuries. As part of the event, held at the Temple of Peace, Cardiff on 8 November, the University of Wales bestowed degrees on an honourary basis upon six individuals, including Professor Colin Williams, to recognise their achievement in areas of academe, such as the arts, literature, science, commerce and industry, professional life and service to the public or to the University.