New academic book by Dr Simon Mitton


St Edmund’s College Life Fellow and science historian Dr Simon Mitton is currently working full-time on his latest academic book titled The History of Deep Carbon Science. In Dr Mitton’s own words “Deep carbon is the carbon inside the Earth (below the surface). Carbon is the sixth most common element on / in Earth and the fourth most common element in the universe.” Having completed his doctorate in astrophysics at Cambridge, Dr Mitton is also a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, the Geological Society, London and the Royal Historical Society. He was elected to the Fellowship of St Edmund’s in 1974 and has actively served the College ever since. His work on The History of Deep Carbon Science is supported by the Alfred P Sloan Foundation in NYC.


Pictured: Life Fellow Dr Simon Mitton displays a poster paper on his upcoming book The History of Deep Carbon Science at the Goldschmidt 2018 International Meeting on Geochemistry, Boston, MA.